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What are the types of Intents?

There are two types of intents:

  1. Guiding Intent (Non-conversational Intent): by adding options to lead the customers to other intents.

    Title: Greetings Intent

    Starting phrase: Hello

    Conversational Intent: No

    1. A client sends a starting phrase “Hello”.
    2. The bot replies with a text reply and/ or text reply with options “Hi and welcome to car dealer” , “What are you looking for today?
      a- Test Drive b- Cars c- Maintenance”.
    3. The client chooses an option which is considered a new intent, then the bot replies with a text reply and so on.
  2. Questions Intent (Conversational Intent): by adding questions to collect data from your customers to be sent to your system (for example: make order, submit a ticket, book something, etc.)

Title: Car Intents

Starting phrases: Cars

Conversational Intent: Yes

  1. The customer chooses one of the options “Cars” which is the starting phrase of this Intent.
  2. The bot asks a question with options “Would you like a new car or a used car? a-New Car b- Used Car", the customer chooses an answer then the bot asks another question: “What model are you interested in?
    1- C-Class 2- S-Class 3- E-Class, the customer chooses “C-Class”.
  3. After the customer answers all of the questions, bot will send the closed replies to end the intent.

*Use Webhook receive SMS, email, or POST Request from Releans in the form of the response to a user query.

**Follow-up Intent: this intent has two parts: a- Parent Intent b- Secondary Intent, (the customer needs to go through the parent intent in order to reach the secondary intent.