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Communication Services for Messaging, Chatbot, and SMS

Releans is a global leader in customer engagement, powering a broad range of communication channels to reach your customers.

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Releans Advantages

Global reach
Global reach

1200+ direct-to—carrier connections. Build a local presence with Releans coverage in 225 countries.

World class team
World-class team

Remarkable customer experience. 24/7 support for you and your team, with local presence in 5 countries.

Communication Infrastructure
Own Infrastructure

In-house developed platform. Scale faster and more efficiently, relying on our always available services.

SMS Messaging

Global from day one

Take your global SMS messaging to the next level with a platform built for scale, speed, and deliverability.

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SMS Messaging

Send text messages with Platform powering 60+ million messages a week.

promotional messages
Send promotional messages

Promote your products or services by sending direct messages to existing or potential customers.

Appointment Reminder
Appointment Reminder with SMS

The Appointment Reminder enables you to send your customers a reminder of their scheduled appointment.

Birthday messages
Birthday messages

Create special moments on special days to let customers know you are thinking of them all year round.

SMS Notifications
SMS Notifications

Send timely notifications to your customers for the best shopping and delivery customer experience.

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We transform businesses goals into extraordinary digital solutions

We focus on understanding your brand, audience, and business objectives to inform digital solutions that are geared toward your success.

Chats Portal

Where good conversations become great experiences

Chats Portal

Champions of customer service

Customer expectations are always evolving—and so is your business. That’s why customer service software needs to be flexible. Whether you’re a high-growth innovator or an established company undergoing transformation.

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Use cases

Use Releans Chats Portal in two ways

alerts and notifications

You can send alerts and notifications including: Account information, Package delivery notifications, and more.

conversational support
Customer Care

Provide quick, conversational support, and Resolve issues in one-on-one conversations.

Automate and deliver modern conversations

Satisfy customers through automated and scalable service. Enterprise-ready, easy to implement, and code-free.

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Global communications
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Global scale

The backbone for communications

For ambitious companies around the world, with Releans core services and solutions you can create powerful tools.






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