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Bulk SMS

More than 12 million SMS sent daily. Send Bulk SMS messages through our website, integrations, or API. It becomes a powerful medium for businesses to promote their services. You have to realize the power of text messages.

SMS Gateway

SMS Gateway

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SMS Gateway

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SMS Gateway

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SMS Gateway

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Bulk SMS

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Send text messages directly from Releans. Easily send SMS messages online from the comfort of your keyboard to your customers mobiles.

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Code in the language you know to programmatically send messages to millions. Start sending messages within seconds through an intuitive SMS API.

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o_auth_access_token = 'OAuthAccessToken'

client = ReleansClient(o_auth_access_token)

def create_send_sms_message(self, sender_id, mobile_number, 'You just made a great decision. Thanks for joining Releans')
You just made a great decision. Thanks for joining Releans

Releans serves 1 million customers.

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Bulk SMS


Our platform delivers messages to anywhere with the best and fastest routes in the world

Sender ID

Alphanumeric Sender ID allows you to send SMS messages from a personalized sender name (rather than using mobile number)

SMS Pricing

Affordable Price From $0.0005 per message, no commitments, and no monthly fees.

Select the right time to send an SMS to your customers, Then our systems will immediately take actions to deliver in milliseconds.

With Releans send your SMS marketing campaign any language, with perfect support of short links, all from one place.

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If you need the best results, start with SMS marketing. It is not only affordable but also extremely useful. Mobile advertising can help companies organizations boost sales. When your customers get discounts or coupons, promotions or sales, they will feel motivated to shop from you.

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