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Email campaign reports

Releans campaign reports analyze clicks, opens, subscribers' social activity, e-commerce data, and more.

View Campaign Reports

To view a report for an individual email campaign, Navigate to the Dashboard page then click on your campaign card.

Overview of Statistics

When you open your campaign page, which contains general campaign data like clicks, opens, and total revenue from the campaign. 

Successful Deliveries; Number of subscribers the campaign was sent to.

Opened; Number of recipients that opened this campaign any number of times.

Clicked; Number of recipients that clicked any tracked link any number of times in this campaign.

Bounced; Number of recipients that registered as a hard or soft bounce (This number can be viewed from your list page).

Unsubscribed; Number of subscribers that opted out of your list using the unsubscribe link in this campaign (This number can be viewed from your list page).

Total opens; Total number of times the campaign was opened by recipients. This count includes multiple opens from individual recipients.

Last opened; The most recent instance of a recipient opening the campaign.

Last clicked; The most recent instance of a recipient clicking a tracked link in the campaign.

7 days performance; A graph detailing subscriber activity (opens and clicks) for the first 24 hours after the campaign was sent.

Subscribers with most opens; Subscribers that opened the campaign the most times.


My Campaign Results Aren't Right

If you find that your campaign results don't appear to be correct, here are some things to keep in mind.

1- Emails can sometimes take a while to send and be received by all the ISPs and incoming servers.

2- Campaign designs and subject lines should be created and written to encourage opens. For an open to be tracked, the recipient needs to enable image viewing in their own email account or click a tracked link in the campaign.

3- Is the majority or are all of your recipients in your list at the same domain? It's possible the domain admin may be quarantining the message in their incoming spam filter.