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Why my account gets suspended?

If you tried to log in to Releans but got an Account Suspended message, our abuse-prevention system or human review team likely noticed something about your account or last email campaign that raised a red flag.

Red Flags

Our Compliance Team works with the abuse-prevention system Omnivore to make sure the Releans ecosystem stays healthy and free of activity that violates the CAN-SPAM Act or our Terms. This list outlines some activity that could be flagged for review.

  • Your account information looks anonymous
    Don't conceal your identity when you create an account, because that's typically associated with spammer behavior. When a user creates an account under a name like John Doe, from Anywhere, USA, the system assumes you have something to hide.
  • You've had issues with recent email campaigns
    When your most recent email campaign receives spam complaints or contains "spammy" content, Omnivore makes a note of it. "Spammy" content can be anything from the use of certain words, building messy code, or including too many images.
  • The list collection process is unclear
    Releans is serious about sending a permission-based email. Cold calls and prospect messages without express permission is a red flag for us. We'll also want to know where and how your signup form is managed. If you're put under review, and we can't find a signup form on your website, we'll ask where you got your list.
  • Recent email campaign activity violates our Terms of Use

Getting Un-Suspended

If we suspended your account, contact us about your problem, and we'll give you details on how to fix the situation.