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WhatsApp Business

Send and receive WhatsApp messages for customer support, automated notifications and two-factor authentication..

Communicate with billions of customers by connecting to the WhatsApp Business Platform.

Enterprises using WhatsApp Business Platform in two ways


You can send alerts and notifications including: Account information, Package delivery notifications, and more .

Customer Care

Enable your contact center agents to: Provide quick, conversational support, Get instant feedback, and Resolve issues in one-on-one conversations. .

WhatsApp Platform Features

Releans Whatsapp Platform lets your agents connect with customers on messaging apps in a scalable, efficient way. Agents can manage multiple messaging profiles on one dashboard, get historical context on customer conversations, and transfer customer questions.


Lets agents handle multiple chats at once


Encryption from Releans to a mobile device

Read receipts

Instant read receipts for outbound messages

24/7 Support

Offices worldwide provide unparalleled support

Whatsapp business platform
Created with sketchtool.

Businesses trust Releans with their data. We use providers that are ISO 27001 compliant.

Created with sketchtool.

Releans employees are screened for expertise, experience, and integrity.

Your conversations are safe and secure

We don’t compromise on data protection. Releans continuously invests in safeguards and precautions throughout our infrastructure and company policies.

WhatsApp Service Requirement

Whatsapp busines account requirements

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WhatsApp Business

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