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World-class solutions for forward-thinking brands

Releans process is driven by understanding your business model and needs, combining our creative talents with a comprehensive technical experience to deliver extraordinary digital products.

Releans Strengths

Deliver wonderful solutions on the internet.

Digital Transformation

Premium quality, bespoke web products that delight and empower emoployees.

Web and Mobile Apps

Apps of the highest quality, optimised for each platform.

Digital expertise

Unique and engaging outcomes through proven digital strategies.


Sophisticated Automated process through applications.

User interface and experience

Strategic approaches to interface design for best experience.

Customer Engagement

Exploiting digital to generate meaningful results, whatever the business objective.

Our Approach


We focus on understanding your business objectives to inform a digital strategy that is geared toward success.

World class Development

We build robust products entirely in-house, backed by our reputation for quality, stability and support.

Scalable, and fast Solutions

We deliver solutions the way we know how: obsess over detail and quality, and ensure outstanding service.

All the ways your employees want to work.

Releans believes that all businesses should have access to a scalable web systems that meet their unique business requirements. Releans offers ecommerce, and website design and development solutions.

employees systems

Releans helps you take your operations to the next level

Work gets done

Improve processes

Web Solutions
Make your people happier
5 out of 5 stars

Making satisfaction a priority while keeping operational costs to a minimum

Accelerate internal processes

Evolved Digital transformation technologies


Measure the result and monitor the progress

Website, Mobile Apps, System

Anything’s possible with Releans.

We will design a solution around your unique business and customer service goals. Regardless of where you are in the journey, the complexity of your operations, or how quickly you’re ready to make changes, we will partner with you to find the right approach

Solving problems, not tickets

Our people are your people

Premier Support

We are a team of experts working in a solution center, doing everything we can to resolve your problems.

Dedicated team of customer experience experts ready to help at your demand. You get access to the following perks: a Technical Account Manager, and Premier Support.

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