SMS Platform

SMS Platform

Отправляйте текстовые сообщения напрямую из Releans. С легкостью отправляйте SMS-сообщения онлайн с удобной клавиатуры на мобильные телефоны ваших клиентов.

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Send SMS to customers faster

You can successfully design and deliver many bulk SMS service campaigns to your clients where they are able to spread last -minute changes, urgent Information or appointment reminders, as it is also a great marketing tool to directly communicate with your contacts.

Send SMS to customers Portal
Quick and Easy

Easy to use Platform for everyone, Send out messages to a large number of customers


Automate text messages directly from Releans gateway, and Schedule your campaigns

Company Name

You can register your company's name as Sender ID with international coverage

Upload your contacts list

Upload your database for sending targeted messaging campaigns to your customers

Allowing you to import up to a million contacts via Excel, Releans Lists makes database management easy as can be. Once your database is uploaded, you can create and send a campaign in just 2 minutes.

  • Automatically remove duplicate numbers
  • Personalised Dynamic Fields
Upload contacts list
Empower your messaging with intuitive interface

The user-friendly campaigns takes you in a single step of creating and sending a successful SMS campaign. An easy way to send SMS campaigns online.

  • Schedule Messages
  • Templates to re-use the same message easily
SMS Campaign Portal
Powerful Features for Engaging Messaging Experiences

Campaigns is an intuitive online interface to easily send out SMS campaigns and text messages to your audience. A solution that is dedicated to non tech-savvy users that want to engage with their customers without using an API.

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Merge Tags

Personalize every single message using merge tags directly from lists

Schedule Messages

Schedule campaigns to be send at a certain date and spread them over time

URL shortener

Shorten URLs to reduce the size of your message and measure conversion metrics


Simply add smileys and emoji's to your message and bring your campaign to live

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Компании доверяют Releans свои данные. Мы работаем с провайдерами, которые соответствуют стандарту ISO 27001.

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Сотрудники Releans проверяются на уровень квалификации, опыта и надежность.

Ваши списки клиентов в надежности и безопастности

Мы серьезно подходим к защите вавшей информации. Releans постоянно инвестирует в меры безопастности в рамках инфраструктуры и политики безопасности компании.

Messaging Log to Peek Into Your Traffic

Messaging Log provides you with detailed information on status, content and cost of all your sent and received messages.

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Price Insights

In your summary of sent and received messages, you’ll find the costs per single message.

Data Filtering

Messaging Log offers plenty of filter possibilities to create a report on your campaign.

Resend Messages

Export function to do your own analytics. Or create a new list of phone numbers to resend messages

Flexible Pricing

With pay-as-you-go pricing, volume discounts, or committed use pricing, you can choose the option that’s right for you.

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