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Tips to send a successful campaign

Releans strongly encourages customers to review proposed use cases with qualified legal counsel to make sure that they comply with all applicable laws. The following are some general best practices:

1. Get opt-in consent from each end user before sending any communication to them, particularly for marketing or other non-essential communications.

2. Only communicate during an end user's daytime hours unless it is urgent.

3. SMS campaigns should support HELP/STOP messages, and similar messages, in the end, user's local language.

4. Do not contact end users on do-not-call or do-not-disturb registries.

5. Schedule your campaigns. This allows you to make the message personal and reach your audience at the perfect time

6. Set up a test group and send the message you are planning to send out to the whole group a few hours before your campaign goes out. This allows you to trial if all looks correct and to test your opt-in/opt-out option.